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The DB2Night Show #81: DB2 LUW V10 Breaking News Part 2 with IBM Guests

May 4, 2012, 5:37 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW

Special Guests: Danny Arnold and Glen Sheffield
Destined to be another 2012 Top 10 Downloads Favorite!

DB2 LUW 10.1! Adaptive Compression, HADR, Time Travel Queries, ZigZag Joins, and MORE!
Replays available in WMV and M4V formats!

Again, 100% of our audience learned something! Our special guests, Danny Arnold, IBM Executive IT Specialist, and Glen Sheffield, IBM Toronto Data Warehouse and Big Data Specialist, shared with us Part 2 of our deep dive into What's New in DB2 LUW V10. Adaptive Compression, High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) Enhancements, Time Travel Queries, ZigZag joins, and more performance enhancements were discussed, and sample SQL commands were shared to illustrate the concepts! What did you miss? Watch and learn...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Danny and Glen were terrific guests. I appreciated all of the SQL and command examples that they shared while discussing the various enhancements. Their presentations offered significant technical depth - this wasn't just a DB2 10 marketing pitch. I am delighted that 100% of our studio audience indicated that they learned something.

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Episode #81, 4 May 2012, DB2 LUW V10 Breaking News Part 2, Compression, HADR, Time Travel, Performance

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Bonus PDF!

We don't do this very often, but we are sharing PDF Excerpts from Danny and Glen's discussion about Time Travel Tables. The SQL command examples are excellent. For adaptive compression, HADR, and discussion of performance enhancements, you'll need to watch the replays. GET THE PDF.

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