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The DB2Night Show Announces Top 25 DB2 LUW Most Popular Season #4 Replays

August 26, 2013, 2:21 pm
Posted by Scott in General
As we get ready to kickoff Season #5 of The DB2Night Show™ ( See Schedule ), let's take a quick look at the Top 25 most popular DB2 for LUW replays. As of 2013 August 26, there have been 346,990 downloads of replays since our show's inception! Top 25 DB2 LUW replays...

Top 25 DB2 LUW Replays

Replay downloads are still FREE. Click the Episode# below for access to the replay! You'll note that some of our Top 25 replays originate from earlier seasons - this demonstrates the timeless and still relevant value of many of our shows!

We'd like to take a quick shameless marketing moment to remind you that no independant company does more to help the IBM DB2 LUW community grow and prosper than DBI Software!

RANK Episode# Downloads Theme Guest(s)
#1 97 28,593 DB2 LUW 10.1 Cool Features No One is Talking About Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton
#2 112 26,335 DB2 LUW 10 Index Jump Scans & Index Best Practices Scott Hayes, DBI
#3 99 25,902 DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Search #1 Worldwide Contestants
#4 98 6,333 DB2 LUW 10 Performance Updates Berni Schiefer, IBM
#5 54 3,257 DB2 LUW Data Movement Utilities & Oracle Comparisons Burt Vialpando, IBM
#6 82 2,969 DB2 LUW 9.7 Fixpack "Pearls" - cool new stuff! Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton
#7 52 2,525 Writing Optimized DB2 LUW SQL Queries John Hornibrook, IBM
#8 81 2,144 DB2 LUW V10 Breaking News Part 2 Danny Arnold & Glen Sheffield, IBM
#9 90 2,087 Top DB2 LUW Performance FAQs Steve Rees, IBM
#10 106 2,052 DB2's GOT TALENT Top 5 Finalists Compete! Worldwide Contestants
#11 87 1,948 DB2 LUW Reducing CPU and I/O Consumption Andrew Endicott, Cardinal Health
#12 93 1,863 Big Thoughts on Big Data for DB2 People Leon Katsnelson, IBM
#13 84 1,612 DB2 LUW HADR Updates and Best Practices Vikram Khatri, IBM
#14 103 1,515 DB2's GOT TALENT Top 10 Finalists Compete! Worldwide Contestants
#15 95 1,357 Back out strategies for DB2 LUW Database Changes Ember Crooks, Rosetta
#16 56 1,341 DB2 LUW Data Warehouse Tuning Kate Kurtz, Gregor Meyer, & Haider Rizvi, IBM
#17 111 1,263 What's New in DB2 LUW 10.5 "BLU and More!" George Baklarz, IBM
#18 80 1,131 DB2 LUW V10 Breaking News Part 1 Danny Arnold & Glen Sheffield, IBM
#19 109 1,095 ATTACK of the BLOB! Michael Krafick, DB2 Comic
#20 66 1,086 Top 10 Tips for e-Commerce Databases! Ember Crooks, Rosetta
#21 92 1,084 Breaking News from IBM Canada Les King, IBM
#22 59 1,029 DB2 LUW Index Design, Myths, Realities, and Magic Martin Hubel, MHC
#23 108 1,004 "EXPLAIN Reality" Michael Tiefenbacher, ids-System
#24 91 975 Top DB2 LUW Performance FAQs, Part 2 Steve Rees, IBM
#25 83 975 DB2 pureScale - WHAT EVERY DBA NEEDS to KNOW! Maria Schwenger, IBM

Bonus! Honorable Mentions!

Don't know how you missed them, but you should have watched these replays! They were aired late in Season #4, so they have a handicap in replay download counts. In #113, Kohli teaches how to get fast index performance from LIKE %STRING% predicates!

RANK Episode# Downloads Theme Guest(s)
#33 110 882 Database Performance Trends Noel Yuhanna, Forrester
#46 113 669 DB2 Customer Success Story from a REAL DB2 customer Kshitij Kohli, Church Mutual Insurance

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