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DB2 FREE Education - What are you missing?

March 14, 2011, 8:37 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 News
Remarkably, I don't know if there has ever been a better way to learn about DB2! Have you been following the DB2's GOT TALENT Contest? Read this blog post to see what your DB2 community peers are saying about the quality and variety of the education! When you're ready to partake of this incredible training opportunity, watch The DB2Night Show™ REPLAYS!

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Viewer Comments

  • I think this is a great opportunity for sharing with a network of experts, with wonderful prizes. I would enjoy seeing this used quarterly with the short presentations, followed by an in-depth presentation (20, 30, or 60 minutes) by winners chosen by the audience.
    3/11/11 7:32PM
  • This one was very nice as all past ones
    3/11/11 7:37PM
  • Good show
    3/11/11 8:15PM
  • Simply Fantastic!
    3/11/11 9:10PM
  • Really Nice show.
    3/11/11 9:27PM
  • The presentation on db2caem tool for performance anlysis was very good and it would be definitely useful for me to perform the analysis. With 4 minutes Thiru has fantastically delivered.. Good Job by Thiru.
    3/11/11 9:38PM
  • everything good
    3/11/11 10:27PM
  • Great initiative!!
    3/11/11 11:34PM
  • great info!
    3/11/11 11:45PM
  • Good Materials that can keep us interested.
    3/12/11 12:36AM
  • excellent show
    3/12/11 2:49AM
  • Great use really cool
    3/12/11 3:48AM
  • Awesome show by the presenters !
    3/12/11 8:10AM
  • Just a comment regarding Db2 Night Show website: is too difficult to find the correct link to watch the replays, the pages are a bit confusing with a lot of information and too much redirections. It would be a good idea to put all replays in one page only, with details. Unfortunatelly I can't attend to all webcasts and need to watch the replays. Congratulations for the initiative, anyways.
    3/12/11 6:28PM
    ... And thank you for the feedback. We are continuously trying to improve!
  • Very informative!
    3/13/11 1:41AM
  • Ahmad offered new information -not a rehash of what can be found in a book- once again a great presentation by Ahmad!
    3/13/11 10:29PM
  • Great show, even that I'm not a DB2 tech I use it a lot for my daily work supporting WAS applications. Thanks
    3/14/11 1:16AM
  • It is an unusual thing!
    3/14/11 2:02AM
  • The quality of education and tips is outstanding!
    3/14/11 6:56AM
  • Interesting approach to sharing technical expertise.
    3/14/11 4:19PM
  • Great Show!
    3/14/11 5:42PM
  • Its really a great show where in to see most of talents.
    3/14/11 6:24PM
  • Most of the people gave only the overview of a tool like Mary, but seems she was in little hurry. I failed to follow Momi's presentation as it was from z/OS, but was good... Ahmad could have added more on -t -v -u -e etc... They both did not mention that db2look and db2move can be used together as an alternative to backup restore cross platform... I know it is easy to be a critique than being a presenter...Congratulations to all for making it to top 7 and for presenting such wonderful content... Will miss a legend like John!!! Would Love to hear from Bob, Thiru and Noberto once again!!!
    3/14/11 9:30PM
  • Good.
    3/14/11 10:46PM
  • What a wondeful way to recognize the people who give such value to running the business.
    3/15/11 12:24AM

The comments shown above are taken from the DB2's GOT TALENT 11 March 2011 Finalist Round 2. You can watch this REPLAY and VOTE! Polls close 17 March 2011 at 3pm Central.

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