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Anyone can read a book and pass a Database Vendor Certification Exam - The individuals listed here have successfully demonstrated performance analysis and tuning skill to DBI and achieved measurable performance improvements for their organizations! Become A Performance Hero
  1. Nadir Doctor, Independent Database Consultant, USA "Brother-Panther assisted tremendously in the monitoring via collection, recording & reporting of vital metric data and displaying performance trends in an excellent graphical manner so that one could visualize optimal performance benefits gained. The performance trends also help understand the impacts of DB2 autonomic tuning."
  2. Bill Scurlock, USA Brother-Panther made it very easily to identify a number of performance issues with our databases, and the advice provided by the Database Score reports guided me directly to some quick performance improvement results. Not only am I impressed with the value of the tool, but service and support from DBI has been outstanding. In a day and age when it is difficult to keep a support person on the phone for just 10 minutes, the team at DBI was eager to help me. In one call alone, they spent 4 hours assisting me. In that time we were able to identify the problem, re-download, install, and configure the product and then run through how I could use the tool in my environment to be immediately useful in improving my database performance. The team at DBI has been uncommonly helpful, and their tools provide remarkable performance insight.
  3. Donavon Mitchell, USA "We upgraded from BMC SmartDBA for DB2 to DBI's Brother-Panther™ and Brother-Eagle™ and we are pleased with the tools and DBI's service. DBI has even helped us with DB2 questions not related to their tools. We got immediate value from Brother-Panther because the tool showed us some scans and inefficiencies that we weren't aware of. It was easy to improve performance of our business databases within a matter of a couple of hours."
  4. Mike Hoffman, Australia "We had slow response times in a critical OLTP database. The team at DBI helped me install Brother-Panther and Brother-Eagle, and we successfully diagnosed performance problems in just a few hours. Our IX Read Efficiency dropped from 3000+(!!!) to 270 and Pkg Cache Overflows dropped from 4700(!!!) to 257. Response times dramatically improved and we avoided costly hardware and license upgrades."
  5. Tim Malamphy, USA "I haven't had this much fun tuning a database since Omegamon for DB2 mainframe first came out in the early 1990's. It was easy to isolate performance problems and inefficiencies, and I've made several improvements to our databases with Brother-Panther. More specifically, on 12 February Brother-Panther helped me identify costly statements and two new needed indexes. Response times dropped from 1-2 seconds to less than .01 seconds - a tremendous improvement. Just as important, if not more important, Brother-Panther has also been helpful in showing developers that there's really nothing else that can be done from a database perspective, and it's time to bite the bullet and do a little redesign in their application."
  6. Robert Breazeale, USA "Brother-Panther makes it easy to collect and aggregate the costs of SQL statements. This helps us stay "in front" of any performance issues and catch them before they become a big problem. DBI's support has been 100% good, very helpful and responsive."
  7. Bruce Waslie, USA "I never knew database monitoring could be this easy. With Brother-Eagle, it is simple to see what is going on and get activity details and helpful expert advice. Several database performance metrics have improved."
  8. Geoff Morphew, New Zealand "Brother-Panther made it extremely easy to identify the sources of performance problems in a critical OLTP database, and solutions quickly followed which enabled important service levels to be maintained. We have achieved performance improvements in several key metrics, CPU savings, and improved response times. DBI's support has been excellent."
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DBI Certified Performance Heroes Page of Fame --- these people have demonstrated database tuning performance success to DBI to the benefit of their organizations.

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